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Batumi Georgia for your Family The best attractions for you

Batumi Boulevard 
laid out 1884 and stretching 6km. along the coast of Black Sea, is heart beat of joyful Batumi City.  Strollong along the walking area and watching the magical sunset make you feel warm.
In the boulvard you can find out the large Ferris Wheel, the 145m. high Alphabet Tower, 7m high moving metal sculpture Ali & Nino and amazing dancing fountains.

Argo cable car

If you are willing to be eye-witness of ancient Georgian history legend of the Argonauts Ship, you should visit the Argo Cable Car taking you  high above  Anuria mountain with picturesque views of  whole Batumi,  up above 250 km from Sea level with cofee shops, retail shops, open air halls, roof terraces and restaurants.


located within 6 May park, offers visitors amazing educational program
conducted regardless any weather condition, in three languages, where you can enjoy the
show of the trained dolphins as well as swim with them and be lucky throughout the year,
as the old people said the dolphins can bring good luck to you. Don’t miss the chance!

Adjarian Wine House 

Established 2010,a small winery at a beautiful location, 15 minute-drive from Batumi, is offering an unforgettable experience and high class service and the warm welcome to Ajara, that  will stay in your hearts for a long time.

Botanical Garden

Boasting one of the widest variates of flora in the world, established 1912, botanical garden is stretching 111 hectares, give you chance to see humid tropics of different parts of the world.


Each historical province of Georgia has its own distinct culinary tradition, with variations such as Megrelian, Kakhetian, and Imeretian cuisines. Rich with meat dishes, the Georgian cuisine also offers a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Upside Down

This is a truly weird building by any standards. As the name suggest, it was built upside down. It looks like a small version of the US White House resting on its roof at a jaunty angle. The theme continues inside

Grill Town

The restaurant is one of the most prestigious in Batumi, there you can have good time with friends and taste the delicious dishes

Shemoikhede Genacvale

You can taste here good dishes of Georgian cuisine

Grand Grill

If you want to taste Turkish cuisine, then you should visit the restaurant Grand Grill

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